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Body Scrubs: A paste, often made from local therapeutic ingredients, is applied and spread evenly over the body. The paste is left for around 20 minutes and then scraped off removing the dead outer skin cells. The treatment leaves the body feeling incredibly clean and fresh. Balinese Boreh is a typical cleansing and therapeutic treatment. Traditionally the spices of the Boreh paste were blended by the mother and applied as a warm healing pack to her family following hard and long days in the rice paddies.

The Boreh, apart from cleansing, it also has a significant rejuvenation effect on skin and muscles. A traditional Balinese treatment developed for application to the local field workers after a hard day in the paddy.

Javanese Lulur is a very common treatment. Originating in the 17th Century in Central Javanese Palaces, the Lulur Scrub was used as a purity ritual by brides before Royal Weddings. The golden colour of the Lulur scrub reflects it main ingredient —turmeric. Combined with sandalwood and rice powder this paste has fantastic cleansing properties.

Hot Stone Therapy: At the start of a hot stone therapy, smooth water-heated basalt stones are carefully applied to key points on the body. This direct heat relaxes the muscles, which means that the massage itself is more effective and intense than it would be otherwise.

Body Wraps detoxify, tighten and tone the skin. During the absorption element, a paste or liquid is applied to your body and you are then wrapped. This encourages pores to open and toxins are then absorbed by the substance and wrap. Common wrap materials include sea clay, herbs, seaweed and aloe vera.

Facial & Body Masques: Are used to refresh and revitalise your skin. Mainly based around cucumber, yoghurt and coconut, the addition of mud or honey is not uncommon. This treatment can be incredibly effective and there are many local variations in Bali using local fruits, as well as a good number using international brand products.

General Treatments: Most good spas have a range of standard facilities that include Jacuzzi, hot tubs, aromatherapy rooms, pools, and exercise and contemplation areas.

Yoga:  Yoga is often an integral part of a spa. It is however very much a personal journey and we suggest consulting with a Yoga specialist.

Specialist Treatments: Many specialist treatments are available such as Colon Hydrotherapy, Vaginal Smoking and Craniosacral Therapy. We suggest you consult a healthcare specialist, often available in the Spa prior to treatment.

Bali offers a huge range of traditional Hindu treatments based around the Ayurvedic philosophy. The basic premise of Ayurveda is that the entire cosmos or universe is part of one singular absolute. Everything that exists in the vast macrocosm, also appears in the internal microcosm that is our body. When healthy, it is in harmony, self-perpetuating and self-correcting just as the universe is.

The ancient Ayurveda text, Charaka, says, "Man is the epitome of the universe. Within man, there is as much diversity as in the world outside. Similarly, the outside world is as diverse as human beings themselves." In other words, all human beings are a living microcosm of the universe and the universe is a living macrocosm of the human beings. Using this philosophy the role of the Ayurvedic treatments is quite simply to correct and then maintain a body’s balance thus facilitating a healthy physical and spiritual life.

There are many Ayurvedic treatments available, here are just a few:

Navarakizhi used to treat insomnia & fatigue where a poultice of rice and oil are rubbed using a gentle rhythmic motion.

Pinda Sweda is a detoxifying treatment where the body is wrapped in hot towels infused with medicated waters.

Lepas is a treatment to help with skin problems such as eczema. Herbs and oils are used to cleanse and help restore natural balance.

Shirodara is where warm oil is poured onto the 6th Chakra in the centre of your forehead. It is performed in total silence and is considered by many to be the ultimate relaxation experience.

Udgarshana is a technique whereby herbal powders are massaged on the full body this acts as a detoxification agent and also improves circulation.

Email us if you have any questions and if we cannot help we will try to direct you to a suitable resource.

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